Are you looking for something to pack of to your loved ones? Well this is one of the best options for edible gifts for someone close to your heart.. Easy to make and ready to serve in no time...
Pakistani vermicelli- 2 packets
condensed milk- 1 tin
butter- 1/3 stick
For garnishing:
dark chocolate- 1/2 cup
butter- 25 gms
chopped nuts
Note: I used only 1/4th of the quantity as mentioned above except for the garnishing part as too less of chocolate melting doesn't work properly.

Heat butter in a non stick pan on low medium heat and add broken vermicellis and fry till light brown. Off the flame and add condensed milk and mix well until well combined.
Grease a square tin (or you can use any favorite mold of yours) and spread the vermicelli evenly. Let cool till it becomes hard. Cut into 1x 1" rectangle shapes.
For chocolate garnishing:
Add chocolate chips or dark chocolate bars into a dry non stick pan and add butter. Put the pan on low flame till all melts very well. There should be no water in the pan. If the chocolate start getting burnt, Off the flame and add some more butter. Or you can also melt chocolate by double boiling method or in a microwave.
Dip your vermicelli hearts or cubes in chocolate and add some chopped nuts.
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