Wednesday, 11 September 2013

CHICKEN & EGG CLUB SANDWICH- Happy tummy, happy you

If you wake me from mid sleep and ask me , What is the one thing in the world that you like to have for breakfast, my answer would be a sandwich. I love sandwiches and I like to just assemble some available stuffs at home and wrap them all inside a pita bread or any other breads. And for me, anything would be exciting if served with a mayo spread. I love mayo spread and sometimes I just love to have simple egg and bread sandwich with mayo spread. Lately I have been coming across recipes with guacamole spread, which is new to me, but sounds healthy and have been tempted to try at home...
But to my surprise, my hubby don't enjoy much of sandwiches... I think he is the one and only thing in the world God created from exactly opposite of myself... well opposites attract... If he would enjoy sandwiches, my daily breakfast menu would've been different varieties of sandwiches and by now I would've been a sandwich expert. I think I should try to transform my kids' taste to the taste of mine and encourage them to enjoy my kind food concepts.

Lately I came to know that its back to school season in U.A.E. (well I am not aware of it as my kids are not to school yet) and some blogger friends are making arrangements for 'BACK TO SCHOOL ' special posts to be posted on their blogs.. To add my helping hand, I too decided to participate.
I think sandwiches make perfect lunch box idea and places a good answer for all the confused moms pondering over what should be packed to school for lunch. Whether to office or to school or to have by yourself at home, sandwiches make make perfect choices as they provide yum, tummy filling and easy to pack solutions...
Club sandwiches, also known as Clubhouse sandwiches are usually made of toasted  sandwich bread and served in quarters...
You can use anything available at home... I made a layer with chicken sandwich, and second layer with omelette along with some assorted veggies... But its  upto you want you want to eat...

  • bread slices-6
  • chicken- 100gms boiled with salt &shredded
  • mayonnaise- 3 tbsp
  • pepper -3 tsp crushed coarsely
  • egg -1
  • lettuce leaves- sliced thinly
  • cucumber- sliced thinly
  • tomato- sliced thinly
  • tomato ketchup- 2 tsp
  • grated cheese- 2 tbsp
  • salt - to taste
Shred the boiled chicken and mix with mayo and 2 tsp crushed pepper.keep aside.
Beat egg with 1 tsp crushed pepper and salt. In a teaspoon of oil, make omelette in a frying pan. Fry both sides. 
Place half omelette over 1 slice, and then place tomato slices, cucumber slices, lettuce. Then place second slice, spread with a teaspoon of ketchup on one side , over the first layer, and top the slice with chicken filling, cucumber slices,  1 tbsp grated cheese and lettuce.
Place third bread slice on top. Finish by cutting the crust of bread from all 4 sides.. And finally cut diagonally. Serve with tomato ketchup and potato chips. Enjoy.
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