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Nowadays my focus is shifting to something else. Not a vague obsession, This time I am investing most of my time for it too.... Its a cake thing.. Cake has always been my weakness, not in terms of taste but in baking it. But recently it has shifted to cake decorating and its only a while back I started getting it right without any mistakes. For months I had this problem of either not getting the cream rightly whipped or over whipping and yielding butter out of it. Now that I have started getting it right, my next look on was for different ways of cake decorating. Now that I have started doing it artistically, I started making it for friends and families. Also I started getting requests from some neighbors and friends in doing it for them. Thus my cake page on facebook  'The Cake Mistress' was born. Click on the link to see some of my works.  If all you people show some love by stopping by my page and …


You might be wondering why i was slow in posting a new recipe compared to last few weeks. Since last few weeks i was enjoying vacation, I was having break from work. And this week I had a cake order which meant the flow of blogging was broken. So i couldn't cook anything new and experiment. Now in two weeks I will be back to work, I am already dreading going back, so I will not be able to post as frequently. Weekends are equally busy for me, having to manage 3 kids and arranging things for one week and outing with family etc. etc,
After i complete a cake order, I almost collapse on the bed. The cake looks quite simple and effortless. But more than effort spent on cake its the cleaning of mess that requires more effort and energy. And sometimes the effort is not equally paid, making me wonder why I do cake orders. But this passion has turned out to be more of a craze in me. It has stole my sleep in many ways. Here is my page. Please hop over to my page and give thumbs up.
Moving o…


With a big bag of strawberries sleeping in my freezer, I had to make maximum use of it. It's been many strawberry recipes back to back on my blog.Anyways hopefully this would be last or at least  second last strawberry recipe.

  This strawberry recipe is easy one to make and is so strawberry- ey. It uses only 3 ingredients and it is ready to go. This one does not use Ice- cream maker and can be whippped up in no time. However you need to have patience for it to freeze completely before you actually start eating.

The result is creamy strawberry ice cream.

Over to the recipe, Ingredients:
Strawberry  1 cup, frozen or fresh, pureedWhipping cream- 1 1/2  cupsSweetened Condensed milk- 1/2 cupPink food color- 1 drop, optional

Place the cream in a large steel bowl, along with whisk attachment that will be used to whip cream. Place the cream, bowl and whisk together in the fridge to chill for at least half an hour.Now take out the bowl, whisk and cream.Whip Cream on high speed till s…

Mango Mojito

Mango, king of fruits, is one of my favorite fruits. These days I always have it in stock. The best way i like to consume mangoes is in liquid form while my hubby loves to eat it as it is.

 I am a huge addict of Pinterest and I always hop over it to find food ideas. One such recipe that caught my attention was Mango Mojito. When I looked for the recipe, it sounded simple and I had to try it straight away.
You can look for my Blueberry Mojito recipe here.

The recipe requires pre-made Mango nectar which I made myself. Well, nothing is more satisfying than home- made right? The quantity I prepared can serve about more than 5-6 people. Also, it stays for about a week in fridge. I haven't refrigerated it for any long, so I cannot assure you if it can stay any longer.

Over to the recipe,
For Mango nectar:

Mango, ripe- 1Sugar- 1 cupWater- 1/2 cupLime- 1, juice of
For Mojito:

Mango nectar- to fill 1/3 of glasslime- 1 sliceMint leaves- fewClub soda

In a blender, blend all th…

Strawberry Cream Puffs

Strawberry cream puffs, when you are looking for some easy snacking recipe, that you can prepare on the go and have as fast as you can. Well you need some patience and wait till you thaw your puff pastry.While the puff pastry thaws at room temperature, you can prepare the cream filling. The cream filling needs to cool for a while to become thick. But you can transfer into a flat plate and keep in fridge to cool fast if you are in a hurry.

 I wanted something easy and sweet and something tart. So I added Strawberries. Adding strawberries is totally up to you. You may add strawberry jam too. For me, one bite gave me an explosion in my mouth. Flaky puffs, sweet cream filling with tart strawberry, served hot was perfectly satisfying for my sweet tooth. Hubby as usual had only limited portion while my kids and I loved it totally.
I have added a collage on how to design your puff pastry. You can bake it completely sealed with no opening unlike me.

Over to the recipe,

Puff pastry…


What is more refreshing than a lemonade, And if it is made of your favorite fruit, there is no stopping by. Today's post is a Strawberry Lemonade. It is absolutely easy to make and a must have to get refreshed after returning back tired from outside scorching heat. Such is the summer here in U.A.E, its simply getting impossible each day. Alhamdulillah its vacation for me, otherwise it would have been dreading.
Have a look at some of my other refreshing drinks: Lime Soda and Watermelon Aguafresca

This lemonade is simply easy to make, All you need to add is pureed strawberry to lemonade. I used frozen strawberry here, You can use fresh ones.
Over to the recipe:

Lime 1Strawberry, frozen or fresh- 4-5Sugar- 2 tablespoonsWater-1 cupIce cubesMint leaves- a fewSlices of lime- 2 or 3Method:

Squeeze out the juice out of lime into an electric blender, Blend rest of the ingredients till there are no chunks of strawberry.Strain juice through a strainer. In a glass, add in slices of…


I love sandwiches in any form. I love burger with ketchup and cheese slices. The only thing that holds me back is, wondering what must have gone inside all those patties.

This time for post is a sandwich with cheese and spinach. I made a similar version for Ramadhan with Dill leaves instead of spinach and was loved by all.

This sandwich is really easy to make and serve as good breakfast or lunch box idea.

Over to the recipe,

Spinach- a bunchTriangle Cheese grated- 6-7 portions or cheese spreadLime- 1/4salt- a dashBread slicesButter- to greaseMethod:

Chop spinach finely and cook in a pan. Add some salt and keep stirring till water dries off completely.Transfer the wilted spinach to a bowl.To that add grated cheese, a squeeze of lime and mix well.Now spread a spoonful of cheese- spinach mixture to one side of bread slices. Close the slice with another slice.Now repeat the with remaining.Now butter a pan or grill pan. Place the sandwich and fry till golden, flip it and fry oth…


Kunafa, i have not much words to describe this dessert. So addictively delicious is all i can say. Its a baked Arabic dessert with shredded Kunafa dough and cheese as filling, served warm with rose scented sugar syrup . Whenever I crave for one, I always beg my husband to get one from any of the local Arabic bakeries/restaurants, but it is only a limited portion i can enjoy as the price is too high for a small quantity. And with kids around, my cravings are never put to end. All i can do is sit back and drool over this heaven when my kids gobble it down.

This time i decided to give it a try, after drooling over a plethora of images and recipes on internet. Also after having one from one of the Arabic restaurants, and the deliciousness it had (OMG!! It was such a heaven, served straight from the oven, my husband and i couldn't wait it to cool down, we had the entire thing all by ourselves), i could not hold back my temptation any more from baking one right after 2-3 days. And i wa…