Tuesday, 24 September 2013

MANGO LASSI- A Refreshment


What more is lovable to Indians more than Lassi. And specially if its of Mango, then the Indian inside you comes out.
 Lassi is an Indian flavoured yoghurt, originally from Punjab, and usually spiced with cumin or other spices and mixed with fruits or lime juice. Some of the Lassi's also use rosewater. There are many types of Lassi- traditional, sweet lassi and so on... Traditional Lassi however is savory drink with yoghurt, water, salt and ground cumin blended together. While sweet lassi uses fruits instead of spices...
Lately, my hubby and me have been trying with the Mango Lassi often at home, now for me its something I always want to have a go at. Its a refreshment to beat the heat. I love mangoes but yoghurts are something I keep aloof from, as  I don't much like its taste. But last Ramdan when my hubby prepared mango Lassi for me after dinner, I dint know that you can give yoghurt such a beautiful version. It tasted awesome and now often  I store mangoes and yoghurt at home just to make Lassis. Its so yum. Also such an easy thing to try at home, A handful of ingredients and blend it all together. Super easy, Isn't it?
Well usually Lassis also constitute some quantity of water. But I haven't added any water to my Lassi to make it as thick as possible it could be. Too much of greediness indeed.

yoghurt- full cream- 4 cups
Ripe Mangoes - 1 full- medium sized or large one
sugar- 6 tsps.

Chop the Mangoes and add yoghurt with it in the blender, also add sugar to it.. Blend everything together. Serve it cold. Garnish with mint leaves.

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