Thursday, 26 September 2013


The very thought of mozzarella and olives laid beautifully on top of pizzas make me drool. After all there is something fascinating about the elastic cheese that just knows to melt and highlight the tastes of the vegetables over the pizza. I initially used to use only normal tomato sauce over pizza whenever I make one at home. The relative sweetness of the sauce brought a dislike in me towards Pizza. I then discovered to bring out the flavors of pizzas it has to have oreganos and needs some spice for the Indian in me.

 Last time when I decided to make Pizza, I cooked everything that has to be topped on a Pizza, as I don't like any raw tastes. I cooked the pizza sauce on stove, the vegetables and fried the chicken required for topping. I totally loved it and I couldn't believe when my hubby and mum-in-law finished one whole  large pizza, for some one who are not the kind of pizza loving people.
For now, I am just posting the recipe of pizza sauce alone. This can be made in advance and stored in refrigerator or freezer if you want it to last longer.
Have you been into the habit of freezing food stuffs?. Well nowadays, I store some of seasonal fruits in freezer like strawberries and  use it whenever I want. You can use it in the form of syrups, juices or purees. Seasonal fruits are lot cheaper than when you purchase it during other time of the year.

Tomatoes- 1 kg, chopped finally
Tomato paste- 3 tsp
Oregano- 4 tsp
pepper crushed coarsely- 4 tsp
garlic- 5 cloves minced
salt- to taste
Heat a pan, add oil. Add chopped tomatoes and other ingredients. Simmer for about 15-20 minutes, till all the water dries out and tomatoes get mashed into paste. Off the flame. Let the mixture cool. Grind the mixture to smooth paste. Store in refrigerator or freezer to last longer.
olive oil- 2 tbsp

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