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Alhamdulillah for the holy month of Ramadan has come and I am glad it is here... This fasting month we have our daily routines completely changed compared to the remaining part of the year.. We wake up early for suhoor (predawn meal) to have something lightly enough to give us energy for the long fasting hours. And being in Middle East, waking up for Suhoor means waking as early as 3.30 am... After Suhoor, we wait for Fajr Adhan (call for morning prayer) and then we perform our Prayers and after that I spend time in recitation of Qur'an till sunrise. After that I take a short nap and wake up to do other house work like cleaning, preparing food for kids etc. etc. Since time flies as we engage in so much praying and performing other Ibadah, I strictly reserve a specified time for housework and prayer and strictly see that I perform it in time . And thus I think I have a much more disciplined schedule in Ramadan than other months.
Its already 12th of Ramadan and this year I shifted to my mom's place for a month as I am not able to manage time with three kids, especially with my newborn. And so I did not cook anything after I landed at mom's place except that I help my mother with kitchen work and cleaning...
This was a recipe I was longing to try ever since this idea struck my mind but always was delayed due to some reason or the other...
The inspiration for this idea came when I badly needed something that can be prepared easily in Ramadan when we want to spend minimum time as possible for cooking. Also I wanted it to be healthy without using any Maida and oil and hence this experiment. And it came out well.
I bought wheat puff pastry sheets from Supermarket and rolled it and cut into round shapes to fit in cup cake pans and filled it with usual chicken masala filling. And to add an extra goodness I topped with a piece of cheese slice and it was ready to go in the oven...

Here goes the recipe,
  • Whole wheat puff pastry sheets
  • Any filling of your desire
  • cheese slices cut into small squares

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  • Preheat oven to 180 C
  • Take puff pastry sheets directly out of freezer and separate and lay them on a foil.
  • Once they are at room temperature, roll them using a rolling pin and cut it into round shapes using the lid of any containers. See that the lid is much more big than the cup size of cupcake pans.
  • Repeat the process with remaining sheets.
  • Do not discard the remaining part of  the cut rounds, as you can form a ball out of it and roll again to big enough round shapes for the cups.
  • Grease a cup cake tin and line it with the cut rounds and fill it with the filling
  • To finish add small pieces of cheese slices on top and bake till the puff pastry gets cooked.
  • You can also try it using normal flour puff pastry sheets.
  • You can fill the cups with mixed vegetables, or chicken cubes without any masala too.
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