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About a month back, I got an invitation from a blogger friend asking me to do Ramadan special guest post for her blog, a blog which was totally new to me. I was excited but at the same time hesitated as I was really busy a t home. But some how I managed to do a post for her blog, and sent her my entry. The day my post was posted on her blog, I simply made a visit to her blog and something caught my eye, which said 'food and photography tips'. I was unsure about the depth of the articles that was discussed under that topic, but I bookmarked that page in my mind. Weeks later, after all the celebrations of Ramadan and Eid was over, when life returned to the normal routine and when I managed to have some free time for me, I slowly switched on my laptop and logged in to this blog. I clicked this icon of favorite topic of mine. And my! I was surprised to see a whole world of food  photography and several oppurtunities to explore my passion for food photography lit up. I was not much into photography or food photography maybe 3 or 4 yrs back. But I always loved to click some few snaps of whatever I cooked, just to let my friends know what I've cooked through fb status update.. but slowly slowly I stepped into a passion for not only cooking more but photography too, especially food photography. Now I don't know if it is cooking that I love more or photography.
Now the articles on this blog were like a rollercoaster ride, that took me into a whole new world of wonderful food photography blogs... I was so amused to see fabulous photographs and fabulous blogs. Those articles really gave amazing guidance for all new bloggers and all new photographs. All I was amazed was about that, all the wonderful looking, professional looking blogs were written by not so professional or rather a simple family leading house-wives. All of them are good writers too...
After having gone through all those blogs and photgraphs, I feel so low about my blog and food photography, that I am no where near them, and will never be able to make up to that level...

Never letting my mind to give up, I am looking forward to improve my posts and photography. After all if that is a passion in me, then I should let it achieve heights and give my own signature or identity. Now this might sound stupid to some of my friends out there about my mania in cooking and clicking, but I am not the one to give up, not atleast this passion which is so mch lovable to me.
 Lets move onto the recipe. I prepared this a while ago for a  kitty party at my in- laws place where I expected this dish to be a star among lots of kids that was going to be there. And yes it was a hit. After all mom-in-law who did not give any remarks at that time, later told me that she loved it. And it was her compliment that took me to cloud nine because for a non-sweet lover like her, this really made an impression.
  • 1/2 cup/75 gm unsalted butter
  • 3 tbs flour
  • 1/2 cup/ 105 gms caster sugar
  • 2 cups evaporated milk
  • 1 tbs instant coffee powder
  • 200 gms bitter sweet chocolate grated
  • 50 gms finely chopped cashew nuts
  • 42 sweet biscuits, 6 X 5 cms each
  • 1/2 cup evaporated milk
  • 2 cups whipped topping
  • 2 tbs chocolate shavings
  • colored sprinklers
Gently melt butter. Add flour. Cook for 1 minute on medium heat, stirring continuously. Add sugar and evaporated milk( you can use Rainbow evaporated milk), stirring continuously. Cook on medium low heat, stirring continuously, till the mixture starts to boil and is of thick coating consistency.
Add the coffee powder and chocolate grated. Cook on low heat, till the chocolate melts, stirring continuously. Remove from heat. Add cashew nuts. cool. Refrigerate for atleast 4 hours.
Place a large sheet of aluminium foil on a flat surface. Dip 6 biscuits, one at a time , in 1/2 cup evaporated milk and place on the foil to form 18 x 10 cm rectangle.
Gently spread 1/6 chocolate mixture on top. repeat layering with dipped biscuits and chocolate mixture, ending with biscuits. Wrap the foil around the block. Chill overnight in refrigerator.
Unwrap and place on serving dish. Decorate with toppings. Keep chilled.
Now its time for me to participate in a wonderful give-away contest. This event is hosted by one of my blogger friends Pramitha, with whom I've participated for a live cooking contest and an online contest on fb. I am happy that her blog, pramitha love cookingis celebrating 1st blog anniversary along with a give-away, and I am excited to participate and hoping to win... I want your wishes and prayers dear friends... fingers crossed...
Another lovely event is hosted by cutchi kitchen, named 100th Post Giveaway... Linking this recipe to that event too....
 Again one more lovely event too...
Linking this recipe to Shruti’s ‘Sweet Celebration’ Event :)
Sweet Celebration

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