Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Chickoo Caramel Icecream

Why is this emptiness..?? Mind is blank even with all beautiful things around. Life is going on perfect and nothing to complain about. Yet something wrong.
 Having a healthy, happy mind is also an asset. Its not just a blessing but something someone should develop himself/herself. Feels like I have lost it, lost the skill to develop a happy mind.

Life is full of ups and downs, yet most of us complain about the downs and never appreciate ups, just like now I complained about not having a happy nature.

Its into my nature, digging into sadness with no reason. It must be some kind of unnecessary mentality or illness.
I don't know, I really don't know. Feeling down and don't know why?

Yet there is light of hope left, left in us by God. That's his love for us that He never leaves us in complete darkness. Sometimes, its his way of drawing us closer to him, by putting us in dark. And then gives us light of hope, again to draw closer to him. His ways are always so good. All we need to do is just to place our trust in Him.

Today's post is a Chickoo/sapota Ice cream. Just like Mangoes, Chickoo is one favorite fruit of Indians. If ever I am in a cool bar in India and decide to order something, there is only one choice for me which is Chikkoo milkshake. I never ever get enough of it.  It is definitely the best of all milkshakes.
This recipe was developed by me for my husband. Although he is not a sweet tooth , he is an Ice-cream lover. If ever there is a fight for food between us, its for Ice-creams. We are so greedy about it that, we feed ourselves straight from the tub. So chikkoo being our favorite fruit and Ice-cream being favorite dessert, this ice-cream will surely serve both our greedy factors. In this recipe, I added caramel sauce adding which gave a unique taste to the Ice-cream, you can omit it if you do not have that in hand.

Over to the recipe,

  • Milk- 500 mls/ 2 cup
  • Corn flour- 3 tbsp
  • Sugar- 1/2 cup or more if the whipping cream is unsweetened (you can also use condensed milk instead of sugar)
  • Caramel sauce- 1/2 cup (you can use Hershey's caramel syrup, I used home-made)
  • Chikkoo- 6 medium, chopped and pureed
  • Whipping cream- 1 cup, whip to stiff peaks.
  • Vanilla essence - 2 tsp

  • Heat 1 and 1/2 cups of milk with sugar, till it comes to boil.
  • Mean while, mix remaining milk with cornflour to form a paste.
  • Add chikkoo puree and caramel sauce to the boiling milk and stir for few seconds.
  • Add the cornflour mixture to the boiling milk and stir till the milk thickens to a custard consistency.
  • Off the flame and cool completely.
  • Whip the whipping cream to stiff peaks
  • Fold the whipping cream to cooled custard, till well incorporated.
  • Transfer the Ice-cream mix to air tight container and freeze for about 2-3 hours.
  • Take out from the freezer and beat the partially frozen ice-cream mix with an electric beater and refreeze them in an air-tight container for about 6 hours.
  • Scoop them to a bowl and serve, enjoy!
Note: Keep your ice-cream out of freezer for few minutes before you scoop.

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