Monday, 20 May 2013


I found this recipe from a pacebook food page Bennu's cookomania, it looked so yummy that I couldnt stop myself from making it.... afterall all recipes and clicks of her looks so very yummy and delicious that you crave to make it the very instant you see it.. I prepared this recipe of hers as a token of love for her and took picture and mailed it to her.
 Also am very crazy about pedas.. I love the chewy fudgy thing about pedas and in India its not easy to find most delicious pedas in every bakery.... This is a homemade version of pedas... try it at home...
  • Butter - 50g
  • Milk pwd - 1 cup
  • Condensed milk - 1/4 - 1/2 tin (i used just 1/4 tin)
  • Pistachios - to garnish
1.Melt butter.
2.Add condensed milk & milk pwd. Mix it well very carefully so that no lumps are formed.
 3.Heat this mixture on low heat for 2 min stirring constantly..(use non stick pan so that it wont get burnt)
4.Remove the mixture from fire & mix well.
5.Repeat 3rd & 4th steps twice.(by doing this the mixture will not get burnt & also the raw taste of milk pwd will go).
6.When the mixture gets thick & starts leaving the sides of pan remove from fire & keep it aside.
7.Make small balls out of this mixture flatten it & garnish it with sliced pistachios.

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