Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Do you love something jhatpata? Well I am an Indian and I definitely do... I was bored of regular fruit consumption or transforming it into a fruit salad. And last week when I lacked side dishes for lunch for my hubby, for a rice hater like him, inorder to push rice down into his throat, I always had to assemble a whole lot of side dishes not to remind him that he is consuming rice,  so instead  of just chopping down some fruits, I added a TWIST.

As I mentioned, I was bored of just chopping fruits and consuming as it is. And my hubby loves adding chilli and salt to almost all fruits.
So I pulled out everything available in fridge, to add extra fancy to my lunch. All I did was chopped available fruits, cucumber, added lime juice and seasoned with chilli powder and salt. Simple and yummy to gear up your lunch. And I was amazed to see my hubby gulping big spoonfuls of it. What better wordless compliment can you receive.hehe

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