Thursday, 28 July 2016


I love sandwiches in any form. I love burger with ketchup and cheese slices. The only thing that holds me back is, wondering what must have gone inside all those patties.

This time for post is a sandwich with cheese and spinach. I made a similar version for Ramadhan with Dill leaves instead of spinach and was loved by all.

This sandwich is really easy to make and serve as good breakfast or lunch box idea.

Over to the recipe,

  • Spinach- a bunch
  • Triangle Cheese grated- 6-7 portions or cheese spread
  • Lime- 1/4
  • salt- a dash
  • Bread slices
  • Butter- to grease

  • Chop spinach finely and cook in a pan. Add some salt and keep stirring till water dries off completely.
  • Transfer the wilted spinach to a bowl.
  • To that add grated cheese, a squeeze of lime and mix well.
  • Now spread a spoonful of cheese- spinach mixture to one side of bread slices. Close the slice with another slice.
  • Now repeat the with remaining.
  • Now butter a pan or grill pan. Place the sandwich and fry till golden, flip it and fry other side same way. Cut diagonally. Serve warm or cold.

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