Sunday, 24 August 2014


The much awaited Tiramisu recipe is here. I will be preparing the egg-less version. The actual recipe calls for separated eggs beaten and then combined and then mixing with mascaporne cheese... As there is no cooking eggs process involved, I am not so fond of this method... So I prepared without eggs, involving custard prepared from custard powder. The steps are easy if you have all the contents handy. It only requires sponge biscuits, the mascaporne-custard mixture, some strong coffee and cocoa for dusting... And then all you need to do is assembling...
While you prepare the filling , see to that the cheese is at room temperature, so that mixing becomes a lot easier and the filling looks smooth.

Sponge finger biscuits- This forms the base of Tiramisu
Mascaporne cheese- one of  the main ingredients in Tiramisu

Milk - 1 1/2 cups
Custard powder- 3 Tbsp
Mascaporne cheese- 2 cups
Strong coffee- For soaking sponge fingers
Finger biscuits- Depending on the size of your dish, for laying in its bottom
cocoa powder- for dusting
Prepare strong coffee and set aside.
Heat milk in a sauce pan.
Mix custard powder in half cup of milk. Add this mixture to boiling milk 
Stir continously on low medium flame until it reaches thick consistency.
Off the flame and let it cool completely.
Mix in the mascaporne cheese, until smooth and well combined.
Layer the bottom of your pudding dish with sponge finger biscuits.
Wet the biscuits with strong coffee using a pastry brush or a spoon
Pour mascaporne mixture on top. 
Dust the top with cocoa.

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