Wednesday, 26 June 2013


trifle pudding made by me.
 Recently, I've been busy with cookery contest, that I put my blog starving without posting any recipes.... Now, I feel it  a great responsibility to feed my readers with more  great recipes after winning the 'excellent chef' title... I had no hope of winning the competition I lately attented, as it was loaded with really great participants with really great recipes.... I see it as just a blessing of God that I won. Thank u God. Fact that I won this  'Excellent Chef' title, But I think I have still got lots to learn, and that I'm better than no good....
4 years back when I was fleed to U.A.E from India, I had no clue about cooking. All I had was a book, and a book full of Umma's recipes. My Umma is my guru. From there started my cooking expedition... Also I cannot leave out mentioning the facebook page 'Friends cookys' where I started photographing my recipes and posting them. This page also played an influential role in my cooking experiments. I cannot leave out to mention my greatest thanks to God, without which I would've been nothing... Also my hubby had a major role, for his immense sacrifice to bear all the cooking equipments and come with me to support all the contests I had participated for, and for patiently looking after my troublesome kids while I was engaged in contest. Thank u hubby, You r my lucky charm. All the luck of my life came with you dear. And thanks to all my friends and relatives for supporting me. And thank you, my readers, you are my motivation in cooking. Thank you all....

trifle pudding made by my mum

Now, to the recipe...
  • Sponge cake slices- shop bought or home-made
  • Jelly powder- 2 sachet of 2 colours
  • custard powder- 4 tbsp
  • sugar- 6 tbsp
  • vanilla essence- 1 tsp
  • milk- 3 cups
  • whipping cream- 1 cup
  • whipped cream- 1 cup(or whipping cream whipped up to soft peaks with icing sugar)
  • assorted fruits- 1 cup
Prepare jelly mixture with one sachet according to the instructions given on the sachet. Keep aside.
Prepare jelly with remaining sachet and pour into a  square bowl and cool in the fridge to set and cut into cubes once set.
Layer the bottom of pudding dish with sponge cake slices evenly. Add the prepared jelly mixture( not the jelly cubes) on top of the cake slices and keep in the refrigerator to set. Now, prepare the custard by boiling 2 cups milk and sugar, add the remaining milk mixed with custard powder to the boiling milk stirring constantly till the mixture thickens. Off the flame and add vanilla essence. Keep aside the custard to cool. Once cooled, mix the ceam into it.
Now, pour this custard over the completely set jelly in the pudding dish. Let the custard sit in the fridge until completely set. Once set, top it with assorted fruit pieces and whipped cream, or whisk the whipping cream with enough icing sugar to meet your required sweetness, and top it on the top of custard. Top the cream layer with prepared jelly cubes. Cool in the fridge until ready to serve.

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