Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Hey guys, doesnt it look yummy. then do surely try this at home. Its very simple to make and really delicious. I can prepare this in just 10 mins while the guests at ur home are busy chit chatting and would barely notice whaats being done in the kitchen. well my hubby and me strived a lot to get the perfect click. Photography by +mehanas pp
  • whipping cream- 300mls
  • white chocolate- 9 oz.
  • water - 6tbsp
  • strawberries-6-8 whole
  • sugar 3 tbsp
  • water 3tbsp
  • digestive biscuit crushed
In a pan boil 3 tbsp of water add sugar to it and boil. Add strawberries to  it and cook on low flame till strawberries become mushy water starts evaporating. Puree it in a processor or blender.
You can also use blackberries or raspberries instead of stawberries.
Put peices of white chocolate in a bowl. place the bowl over hot burning water and melt the chocolate. add tbsp of water to it. Whip cream until peaks form. (Dont make it too stiff).
fold in the cream to chocolate mixture and fold it gradually but soon until all the contents are mixed. IN a glass tray or individual cups put some crushed biscuits enough to make a layer and show out of the cups. put some strawberry puree over it. add the white chocolate mousse. repeat the next layer with biscuits, again mousse and strawberry. chill in the fridge for an hour. serve with chocolate shavings.

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